Time to Celebrate

“A life without festivity is a long road without an inn.”

Democritus – Greek natural philosopher

Time to Marry

A wonderful future together begins in Schlaining.

An unforgettable time. That’s what you wish for when looking back on your wedding day. And that is exactly what we offer our guests at Schlaining Castle. Because your wedding is the beginning of a wonderful future together, which commences at this very special location in Burgenland. Here, tradition and modernity merge into timeless beauty.

Class Reunion

Celebrate the good old days—with all your classmates from those days!

You know, you never forget your school days. You always fondly remember the special days of the past. Here at Schlaining Castle and the Burghotel, we offer you the perfect setting to indulge in reminiscences with your “old” classmates. Celebrate those years together. We will make sure that your time here will also remain unforgettable.


Stage your event the right way—we offer you exactly the rooms you need for this.

Celebrate life! And what better occasion than a christening feast? An emotional highlight in every family. And to ensure that the baby, the parents, the grandparents and all the family are really happy, the location is absolutely crucial. In our Castle Chapel and the adjoining historic rooms, a christening becomes an unforgettable celebration.


We are very happy to provide you with the big stage you need for your events and meetings.

Folks, how time flies! Another year has gone by—that really calls for a special celebration in a special place. How about a birthday party in a historic knights’ hall, in a revitalised castle wine cellar or even a summer outdoor event in an impressive castle courtyard? Happy birthday!