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The new Bistro of Burg Schlaining have it all, what your palate will love.

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Where Gourmets Love to Land.

At first glance, das Kranich is simply an excellent bistro in a castle.

The ideal place to enjoy culinary, seasonal delicacies from the region with friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Also perfect for exclusive events including garden or romantic wedding parties on a total of three patios.

Das Kranich is located in the Castle Courtyard of Schlaining Castle. For requests and reservations you can reach us at +43 3355 2600-50 or kranich@burghotel-schlaining.at

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm
Kitchen hours: 11:30 am to 5 pm

We are gladly serve you dishes of the day.

But there is much more behind the crane (i.e. Kranich).

A touching thought that is as global as it is emotional. After all, das Kranich is not located in just any place, but in a very special castle—Schlaining Castle—first mentioned in a document in 1271 and also known as “Castle of Peace” since the 1980s. And peace as an elementary, global value is held in particularly high regard here. But not only in conferences, seminars and meetings, but also in symbols as clear as they are touching, such as “Sadako’s Cranes”.

Sadako’s Cranes

Sadako was a little girl living in Hiroshima in August 1945. She thus witnessed the American nuclear bombing that took many lives and destroyed an entire city. When Sadako fell seriously ill after a few years, she recalled an old Japanese belief: for those who fold 1,000 paper cranes one heartfelt wish comes true.

And Sadako folded more than 1,000 cranes—but unfortunately she did not live to see her thirteenth birthday. But the memory of her and her cranes as symbols of peace and hope would live on. And so, to this day, one of her cranes is still preserved at the Schlaining Castle of Peace. By the way, visitors also walk right past its folded namesake in the shop on their way into das Kranich.

With its name, the Kranich Bistro carries on the idea of peace and the memory of a great little heroine. And so it is also more than just a bistro where you can enjoy regional delicacies with your loved ones or with business partners and colleagues.

Cranes—Birds of Happiness!

The beauty of the cranes has fascinated us humans for centuries. In ancient Greek mythology, the crane was associated with Apollo, Demeter and Hermes. It is a symbol of vigilance and prudence and is considered the “bird of happiness”—messenger of spring, as it were, representing warmth, light and nurture after a long winter. In poetry, the crane stands for the sublime in nature.
In the future, we will also express our solidarity with these very special animals through our support of conservation projects for cranes.

In the future, we will also express our solidarity with these very special animals through our support of conservation projects for cranes.